Version: 2.0.7264.21138

Thunder Cloud xChange Release Highlights
Release Highlights

Customer Support

Thunder Cloud xChange:
Phone: 800-490-7767

WAN Test

Use this tool to test:

  • Local Firewall port
  • Ability to connect to the XOS Digital data Center
  • Bandwidth available for file uploads/downloads
Test Now!
  • Java must be installed and working.
  • It may take ~15 seconds for the Java Client to download.

XOS Digital Cloud Storage QoS Test

Use this tool to:

  • Test ability to connect and measure latency for each of our Cloud Storage Servers
  • Diagnose network issues by checking connection to servers accross the country
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  • The latency times are indicative only, and do not represent the maxium performance achievable from Content Delivery Server

Support Tools
Windows OS Java for Windows OS
This link will verify that you have the latest version of Java for Windows. If not it will proceed to download and install the latest java for Windows. You do not need to install the Bing toolbar.
Mac OS Java for Mac OS
  • Users with Mac OS X version 10.7.x or later must go to to install latest version of Java
  • Java 7 (latest) on a Mac requires an Intel‐based Mac running Mac OS X 10.7.3 (Lion) or later
  • If Java 7 is installed on a Mac OS 10.7.x system, a 64‐bit browser is required (e.g. Safari or Firefox)
  • Chrome cannot be used on a Mac since it is currently 32‐bit only
  • Mac OS 10.6.x and previous versions are no longer supported; please upgrade to Mac OS version 10.7.5 or 10.8.

Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader
This is a link to the free software that allows you to read Adobe PDF files. You do not need to install the McAfee Security Scan Plus.


Browser Support Information
Browser Support

Thunder Cloud xChange User Guide
xChange User Guide

ISO Image Creation & TCX Upload/Download Process
DVD to ISO Process Overview

TCX v. 2.0.7264.21138 Browser Support

  Internet Explorer 8 Internet Explorer 9 Firefox v.10 & v.11 Chrome v.17 & v.18
Mac OS